Small Tan Leather Bifold Wallet


Scratch and Dent items. Perfectly functional but have some scratches and wear from being display models at shows.

This Anchor Leather Co. Wallet is made with care and dedication to quality. It's made the old-fashioned way, by hand, with an awl, two needles and waxed thread. Vegtan and oil tanned leather are used to make this wallet. The hard-wearing and beautifully distressed oil tanned leather is used as the exterior, while the thin vegtan is used in the interior for lining and card slots.

Tan Harness Leather with natural or dark brown stitching.


Payment required within 24 hours of purchase.


You won't need or want one!

Okay, we understand there will be instances where refunds are required. Depending on the item and if it was customized for the buyer refunds are handled on a case by case basis. We want to deal honestly with our customers.


We consider our leather to be unique and perfect in the shape it is in. Naturally occurring irregularities are not only allowed, but they add character and influence the appearance of the items. We like the natural beauty of leather, including range scars, scratches, and brands. Unless specifically requested otherwise, these may be part of your item.

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